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Stagecraft mailing list

All list management is now available on a web page. Please visit this page to subscribe, unsubscribe, or change other options:

You may also still subcribe or unsubscribe using the email commands below.

Subscribe to the mailing list

To subscribe to the stagecraft mailing list and receive every message individually, or to change to this mode if you are currently receiving daily digests, send an email message to:


To subscribe to the list and receive messages in digests once each day, or to change to this mode if you are currently receiving individual messages, send an email message to:


You do not need to unsubscribe to change between single message and digest format. Just send email to the address for the format you wish to receive.

If you currently receive individual messages, you may still receive individual messages for a short time after changing to digest mode. It is not possible to be subscribed for both digests and single messages to the same email address.

Cancel your subscription to the mailing list

To cancel your subscription to the stagecraft mailing list and stop getting stagecraft email, send an email message from the address you wish to stop getting mail to:


If you no longer have access to the account you wish to unsubscribe, please log in to the web site at the top of this page. Your password is emailed to you monthly. If you can't find your password, please contact the list admin (email in the lower left corner of this web page).

Do you want to receive digests? If you are currently receiving single messages and wish to receive digests, there is no need to unsubscribe, just make the change using the web page above.

Last update 13-Sep-2014