Stagecraft Members' Gallery

These are collections of pictures of stagecraft members at various events, or of their work. Also see the Stagecraft members' pages for more information about many stagecraft members.

ETC Express Tutorial
February, 2005

by Nancy Moeur

DMX-a-Sketch by Fleenor Design
November, 2003

Demo by Milton Davis, recorded by Mitch Hefter

ABTT 2003
June 18-19, 2003

Frank Wood, photographed by Bill Sapsis

Flicker Candles
April 20, 2003

Greg Persinger

USITT 2003 Stagecraft Reception
March 21, 2003

Hosted by Roy Harline
Photos by Michael Banvard

USITT 2002 Expo
February 13-16, 2002

Greg Williams, Bill Sapsis, and Michael Banvard

World Trade Center
September 11, 2001

Photographs and story by Herrick Goldman

Dr. Doom's Kilt
August 2001

Kilt worn by Dr. Randall Davidson

Over/Under Cable Wrapping Techniques
May 2001

Demonstration by Chris Babbie
Edited by Jon Ares
Shot by Dan Maglione

USITT 2000 Stagecraft reception
March 24, 2000

Hosted by Bill Sapsis
Photos by Jon R. Vermilye

October 1999

Lighting by Herrick Goldman
Moving lights by Willy McLachlan
Photos by Herrick Goldman

USITT 1999 Stagecraft reception
March 26, 1999

Hosted by Bill Sapsis
Photos by Jon Lagerquist

Send additions, corrections, or comments to Noah Price. Photo submissions may be electronic photos of just about any format, or standard photos or slides which will be scanned. The individual submitting photos must have or obtain the rights for the photos to appear on the Stagecraft web site.

Last update 03-Dec-2003