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Stagecraft mailing list

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DAT Heads


Purpose: DAT-heads concerns itself with Digital Audio Tape decks, with an emphasis on their use for the recording and distribution of live music.

To subscribe, send a message to: with "subscribe" as the message. You'll then receive a confirmation message which you must respond to before you'll receive digests.

An searchable archive of past digests is available at:

updated 29-Sep-2001 (verified current, 25-Mar-2005)

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Fantasy Costume list

Contact: Elizabeth Lear

Web Info, subscription, archives:

Purpose: The fantasy costume mailing list concentrates on the design, motivation and execution of fantasy clothing and costume, from all eras: past, present and future. Your imagination is your only limitation!

Typical topics include special event costumes ("cons" and parades), science fiction costumes, mythological and other non-factual historic-type costumes, serious Halloween and Mardi Gras costumes, theatrical costumes, using and finding patterns, materials, books, and finding sources for supplies. We discuss mask making techniques, using wigs and other head gear, makeup issues, vacuum forming (mold making and building), using plastics and other materials safely, dyeing fabrics, incorporating mixed media into costumes, the use of unusual materials such as aluminum cans, chain links or wire cloth, etc. and the use of various fabrics, such as lycra, sheers, netting and metallics, etc., to achieve special effects. Notifications of publications, galleries, shows and other venues that offer displays of fantasy costume, and learning opportunities available through classes and workshops, are also of interest to this list.
(additional information at the web site)

Subscribe using the web page:

updated 27-Apr-2003

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Historic Costume list

Contact: Elizabeth Lear

Web Info, subscription, archives:

Purpose: This list concentrates on re-creating period costume, from the Bronze age to the mid-20th Century. Its emphasis is on accurate historical reproduction of clothing, historical techniques for garment construction, as well as the application of those techniques in modern clothing design. Other topics appropriate for discussion include adapting historical clothing for the modern figure, clothing evolution, theatrical costumes, patterns, materials, books, and sources for supplies.

Shows, museums, galleries and publications suitable for education or inspiration, training opportunities available through schools and workshops, design and motivational issues, collective group projects, and exchanges of materials are all also of interest to this list. Wig making, accessory and makeup issues, where pertinent to the overall design of the costume, are also acceptable topics.
(additional information at the web site)

Subscribe using the web page:

updated 27-Apr-2003

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Lighting list

Contact: Jonathan E. Hardis

FTP Archive:

Purpose:The Lighting list is an active forum for exchanging information about lighting. It is intended to target the areas of architectural and roadway lighting applications, light sources energy management, and the like.

To subscribe to this list, send e-mail to In the body of the message, type:

subscribe Your Name

updated 31-Jul-1998

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Lighting Control Systems Developer's list

This list does not appear to be available any longer on the Prodigy list server. If you have information regarding the current location of this list, or interest in joining if a new list is created on this topic, please contact Noah Price.

updated 22-Aug-1999

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in German, for lighting technicians


Web Info:

Purpose:This mailing list is for German speaking lighting technicians and others interested in light. It deals with desks, lamps and curious stories.

To subscribe send an email to, or use the web page.

updated 29-Sep-2001 (verified current, 27-Apr-2003)

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Macintosh Pro Audio

Contact: Eric Prentice

Web Info:

Purpose:MacProAudio is a place to discuss anything related to professional audio on the Macintosh. MIDI, music hardware and software, audio editing, and really any Macintosh based digital audio for music, film, or broadcast.

To subscribe, E-mail to:
To switch to the DIGEST mode, E-mail to:

added 25-Jan-2001

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Props list

Contact: Sean McArdle

Web Info:

Purpose: A mailing list for props people in theatre and other entertainment industries. All props people and related crafts people are invited to join. Further information and guidelines are posted on the web site at

To subscribe: Send a blank email to

added 16-Mar-2000

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Show Control list

Contact: Charlie Richmond

Web Info:

Purpose: The show-control mailing list is for the discussion of all aspects of show control, including (but not limited to) design, construction, operation and maintenance of computers, lighting, rigging, networks, sound and special effects, as well as projection, video control, stage management, electronic design, and show production as it specifically relates to show control. Subscribers include theatre and show professionals and vendors, teachers and students, community theatre volunteers and others who are interested in the subject.

To subscribe: Send a blank email to

updated 10-Dec-2000

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Special Effects list
was Show-Fire until 15-Jun-1999

Purpose: Special-Effects is for the discussion of the safe design, construction, and application of pyrotechnics for entertainment. The primary topics are Theatrical Pyrotechnics, Display Fireworks, and related crafts. Offensive weapons, destructive devices, and mischievous uses of pyrotechnics will be off topic.

To subscribe through the web, use:

To subscribe through email, send the following command to

subscribe special-effects Your Name pw=password

Substitute your real name (not your address) for Your Name. Substitute your own personal password for the word password. Select a password you can remember. The "pw=" part is required.

If you need assistance, contact Murr Rhame.

updated 26-Aug-1999

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formerly Tabs at until June 2000

Contact: Ian Grey

Web Info: Yahoo! Groups : tabslist

Purpose: This UK based list has members from a broad spectrum of Theatrical people in the Backstage industry, from Village Hall Amateurs to globetrotting Rock & Roll crew.

The rules are simple, listen then join in, no overt advertising beyond kit clearouts. Chat about techniques & kit old & new is entirely appropriate.

To subscribe through the web, to go

To subscribe through email, send a blank email to

updated 25-Jul-2002

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Theatre Sound list

Contact: Jim Bay,

Web Info: Theatre-Sound Mailing List Home Page

Purpose: The Theatre Sound Mailing List caters to people doing sound for musical theatre or plays, concerts, worship services, etc. We have about 600 readers in at least 17 countries. Members range from Broadway Pro's to High School Kids; this is a non-elitist forum. It's also a very high signal-to-noise forum; off-topic discussions get squashed like bugs.

To subscribe to this list, send e-mail to In the body of the message, type:

subscribe theatre-sound Your Name

updated 22-Oct-2000

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VectorWorks mailing list

Web Info: VectorWorks mailing list

Purpose: The VectorWorks mailing list is a forum for VectorWorks (and MiniCAD) users to help each other. This list is monitored by Nemetschek N.A. but they do not own it.

Subscribe using the web forms at: Join or Leave the Vectorworks-L list

updated 25-Jan-2001

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VectorWorks Theatre mailing list

Web Info: VectorWorks Theatre mailing list

Purpose: Discussion of VectorWorks issues as they relate to Scenery Design and Stage Lighting. Includes support of the VectorWorks Theatrical Lighting Toolkit.

Subscribe by sending a message with the word subscribe in the Subject line to

An archive of this list is available at

updated 11-Apr-2001

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Vintage Clothing list

Purpose: To discuss existing vintage clothing and vintage costume jewelry, of all eras, but especially existing Victorian vintage through to the Sixties. "Existing" is the key word here, and conversations concentrate on how to find such clothing and jewelry, where to buy it, how to judge its quality, how much to pay for it, how to wear it, etc. Some restoration topics, such as how to use parts of damaged goods in other garments or jewelry settings are suitable topics too. Announcements for estate sales, advertisements for sale or wanted, and pointers to shops are all welcome on the new list.

Conversations concentrating on creating historic clothing from patterns or through draping, etc., should go to the Historic Costume mailing list rather than this list.

Subscribe by sending the message:

subscribe vintage


updated 22-Aug-1999

Last update 27-Apr-2003