ETC Express Effects

Posted Feb 2005
Created 2003

Nancy Moeur

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Download the Express Tutorial Version 1.0 as discussed on the mailing list February 16-19, 2005

This tutorial was written using an ETC Express 48/96 console, and should work for all of the Express consoles (including the 250 with a few modifications). I wrote it with Syracuse University's BFA Design/Tech students in mind, because many of them have no programming experience when they arrive. Thus, it begins at a very basic level ('how to bring up a channel') and gets more advanced (effects, part cues, submasters, etc...) to try to give an overall introduction to the console. There are sections I haven't written yet involving moving lights and some other things--I do this in my free time, and there hasn't been a lot of that recently!

Please direct comments to Nancy Moeur (email address above) and watch this page for updates!

The tutorial is free, as long as users promise not to charge anyone else a fee for it, and as long as it is distributed in full. Enjoy!

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